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WindoVision Earns Rave Reviews at NAR 2017

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Latest Version of Touchscreen Interface Draws Realtors Attention

For the 11th consecutive year, Touchpoint Systems showcased WindoVision at the National Association of Realtors Expo. This year’s Expo, held in Chicago, drew realtors from all over the world to experience some of the hottest trends in Real Estate.

Touchpoint Systems, a Michigan based company, is the market leader in one of the fastest growing trends, Interactive Storefront Marketing. ISM is the concept of combining current technology with old fashion brick and mortar storefronts. WindoVision, Touchpoint’s interactive model, utilizes state of the art components to turn any high traffic window into a Real Estate Information Center. This year’s model WindoVision 6 features a 32″ multi-touch touchscreen along with through glass keypad. The latest software interface is optimized for full website and video integration.

“One of the core missions of our system is to allow our clients to utilize what they have,” said Chris Naab, President, and CEO of TPS. “Our clients spend big money on their videos, websites, and virtual tours, why not put in in the window?”

The 10′ x 20′ booth featured 3 WindoVision touchscreens alongside its signature LED displays. Touchpoint took the opportunity to brand the demo systems with a couple of current customers. The Featured System in the center of the booth bore the design of City2Shore Real Estate, a new customer that is already seeing dividends. City2Shore Owner Shelley Frody stopped by the booth to see her branding and talk to potential clients. The Expo Media group NAR Conference Live caught up with Shelley to discuss her recent WindoVision installation. The LED displays, provided by Distinct Displays, complimented the touchscreens by showing off printed images with near digital clarity. A far cry from the old paper fliers on the window of the local realtor.

“I thought it was a screen, those fliers looked so good” noted one visitor to the booth.

“They really get you to stop” added another.

Show Shoppers were able to take advantage of the offer of free exclusivity with the purchase of a system. The offer allowed clients to “lock out” their competition and get a leg up on acquiring listings.

“That did it for me,” said John O’Reilly, who signed up at the show. “I know a couple of people that are going to be pretty upset in my town.”

Due to the overwhelming response, Touchpoint decided to extend the special through the end of November in order for each attendee to learn about the product.


Welcome Downtown Boston Realty!

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Midtown Real Estate Office Debuts Touchscreen Storefront

There’s something new this year catching the eyes of visitors to Boston Common. Downtown Boston Realty and TouchPoint Systems have teamed up to bring WindoVision Downtown! The through glass touchscreen kiosk has turned the office window into a 24-hour source for Downtown Real Estate Information.

Vilma Dassoni Broker/Owner

This comes as the latest step that Broker/Owner Vilma Dassoni has taken to make her Trenton St office into an attractive spot for buyers and sellers alike. Earlier this year, Dassoni took the initial step of installing LED displays in her window that attracted many passers-by.

“They were the best decision I ever made for my office,” Dassoni said. “People would stop all day long to look at the listings in the window”

But there was something missing for Dassoni and DBR. Although people would stop and look, that’s all they could do. With WindoVision, Downtown Boston Realty has changed all that. Window shoppers can now view tours for each listing displayed, perform searches, and even browse the company website. All of this is done with a touch of the finger right through the storefront window. Essentially, Dassoni has turned her office window into an iPad for the public to use around the clock.

Located on Tremont St, across from Boston Common, Downtown Boston Realty is an ideal location to offer the exposure seller’s desire. Capitalizing on and maximizing this exposure is one of the core benefits WindoVision offers. Dassoni has big plans for her WindoVision moving forward. She plans to utilize the versatility of the system to integrate content across the digital spectrum. They have begun uploading video and websites to give the user a full digital experience. She also plans to partner with other local companies to promote their products and services on the touchscreen as well.

Downtown Boston Realty is located on Tremont Street, directly across from Boston Common.

“This install came just in time for the busy holiday season! We really look forward to showing off our latest innovation.”









To learn more about Vilma and Downtown Boston Realty, visit their website, Facebook and Instagram Page

To learn more about WindoVision, Click Here.


Real Estate Marketing - Interactive Window Display

Welcome Merritt Real Estate Professionals!

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Interactive Window comes to Wapakoneta!

The leaves aren’t the only thing changing in Wapakoneta this Fall. Merritt Real Estate Professionals are also making quite the change themselves with the opening of a brand new downtown office!

Ryan Place Broker/Owner

The office, located on Willipie Street, is located near the Post Office and the popular Wapa Theater. Moviegoers are sure to notice Merritt as they pass their other major addition: WindoVision. This Interactive Real Estate Window Display allows consumers on the sidewalk to access information about local homes for sale 24 hours a day! The system features 12 LED displays alongside a large touchscreen kiosk. The kiosk features intuitive touchscreen and keyboard buttons so consumers are able to easily navigate.

Broker/Owner Ryan Place and his team are very excited about the new office and system in the window.

“It looks awesome.” he said “You notice it right away!”

With WindoVision, users on the sidewalk can also calculate mortgage payments, browse Merritt’s web site and even contact an agent right away! This unique platform is the first of it’s kind in Auglaize County and exclusive to Merritt. These are a few of the many benefits to this innovative and cutting edge technology.

Place and his team have big plans for WindoVision as they settle into their new location. In addition to using the kiosk to buy and sell homes, the also plan to promote other local businesses as well. Local business partners who work with Merritt are also able to utilize the platform to promote their products and services. They plan on integrating their partners websites, presentations and videos to make their office window Wapakoneta’s one stop shop for all its’ Real Estate needs!

These new additions are major ways Merritt is staying true to its’ motto of being “Committed to your Family’s Success

To learn more about Ryan and Merritt, be sure to visit their Website and Facebook Page.

For more information about WindoVision, click here or visit their site.



Top 5 Benefits of an Interactive Window

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Real estate offices all over the country are looking for an edge. Something that separates them from rest the pack. When a person is looking to buy or sell a home, the first thing they’ll do is look for a Realtor. And how are they going to do that? After asking family and friends, the next thing people do is think of who they’ve seen around. Billboards, Buses, Park benches…it seems everywhere you look you see a Realtors face. That’s because EXPOSURE is the #1 driver of new business for any successful Realtor. That’s where the Interactive Window with Windovision comes in. Here are the Top 5 Benefits of the Interactive Window with Windovision:

1. Exposure

Passers by will remember your window when it comes time for them sell.

If you drive through almost any town or city in the US, chances are you will find a Real Estate office downtown. Why is that? After all, Real Estate isn’t exactly an industry that requires customers to come and shop in a store. The reason why Realtors set up shop in premium locations is the same reason you see them on benches and buses. They want the exposure. They want their past, present and future customers to walk by their office every day. An Interactive Window with WindoVision amplifies and magnifies that office exposure 24 hrs a day! Not only will passers-by be subtlety reminded of their neighborhood real estate office with a passing glance. With WindoVision, the local community is attracted and engaged with a window display they will never forget.


2. Listing Tool

In today’s market, listings are GOLD. Not only is inventory tight, but sellers are also becoming increasingly more bold in selling themselves. Big market sites and social networks have made it easier than ever to market homes, cheaply and freely. However, they’ve also become over saturated and over loaded. Sellers and Realtors alike often find themselves awash in a sea of endless listings, unable to stand out from the others. With Windovision, sellers are promoted in a unique and special way that other Realtors simply can not offer. With an illuminated sign and interactive code, potential buyers passing by can view the property tour, visit it online, and request more information 24 hours a day! This one of a kind level of exposure has proven to be an absolute closer for many offices in the pursuit of more listings.

3. Selling Tool

Greetings out on the sidewalk are the perfect way to generate “Walk-In” business

Buying a house is a stressful and tense experience. The last thing buyers want is pressure from a commissioned sales person to buy a house that’s not right for them. This is one of the biggest challenges stopping potential buyers from even stepping foot into a real estate office. With WindoVision, they don’t have to! The interactive storefront marketing kiosk allows buyers to search and view listing presentations in the open and non-threatening environment outside the Real Estate office. This makes them much more comfortable and willing to engage with an agent, who can then bring them inside to learn more. If the office is closed or there is nobody to help them, buyers can leave their contact info, which will instantly be forwarded to the office agent assigned.


4. Agent Recruiter

As tough as it is to find sellers and get listings, it may be tougher to find and hold onto good agents. The nature of the profession makes it easy for agents to jump from one office or to another, in search of greener pastures. The Interactive Window with WindoVision has proven to be instrumental in allowing companies to recruit and keep successful agents. Windovision provides a unique platform for Agents to showcase themselves and their listings. As a result, old agents stay and new agents come. Agents also see an increased value in “floor time” with the new potential walk-ins.

Listen to what Chad Bishop from RL Infinity International had to say.

5. Preferred Vendor Relationships

Home buyers and sellers need more than just Realtors. They need a loan. They need insurance. Almost every home sold needs a home inspection. On top of this, they need painters, plumbers, and landscapers to make the home their own. In the first 6 months of a new home purchase, the average home buyer works with 10 different companies! More often than not, these companies rely on referrals from local Realtors for business. Windovision provides both the realtor and the vendor an opportunity to formalize that referral relationship. In the process, Windovision also allows the preferred vendors to promote their products and services the same way Windovision promotes listings.

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Welcome to WindoVision!

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Creating Relationships through the Real Estate Window.

Touchpoint Systems is proud to announce the creation of our brand new Windovision Blog! Here you will find regular updates on the latest developments with the market leader in Interactive Real Estate Window Displays across the country.

For the past century Real Estate has been one of the most dynamic and innovative industries in the country. The driving force behind this constant and accelerated change has revolved around one thing and one thing only. RELATIONSHIPS.

Real Estate is a completely unique industry. Realtors are not manufacturing products nor are they dealing with shipping logistics. They are not developing new technologies, maintaining inventory, or serving customers in their store. No. What Realtors do is different. What Realtors do is special. Realtors are selling dedication and perseverance. Realtors are maintaining trust and honesty. And most of all, they are there to support us all as we make the life changing decision of buying and selling our home. The relationship you have with your realtor is as important as any professional relationship you’ll have in your lifetime. Home buyers and sellers need to know that their Realtor is going to do everything they can to help them through the experience. They need someone who knows how to buy and sell a home with precision and expertise. Finally, they need someone who STANDS OUT. That’s where WindoVision comes in.

Since 2002, Touchpoint Systems has been helping Realtors show their talents to their clients and the community at large. Using patented technology, WindoVision has redefined “Window Shopping” for real estate. WindoVision is an interactive real estate window display that transforms a normal office window into a warm, inviting 24 hour information station for the locals that pass by each day.

Real Estate offices in downtown locations pay premium rent for a reason. The reason is they want to “Stand Out”. Over 15 years and 800 installations later, Windovision is helping them do just that.

To see Windovision in action, watch this short video

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