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Since its inception in 2001, TouchPoint Systems remains the market leader in interactive storefront marketing technologies. Specializing in Real Estate promotion with installations across the U.S and Canada, TPS has helped transform more than 800 ordinary real estate office fronts into 24/7 interactive real estate information centers, reaching more than 30 million users.

WindoVision® features a dual thru-glass interactive user interface. Combined with versatile multimedia presentation software, the WindoVision® system allows local offices to provide the public on-demand presentations for local listings, along with information on its preferred partners, for local businesses and the surrounding community.

Touchpoint Systems is a family owned and operated business based out of Chelsea, MI, founded by current President Chris Naab, Sr.

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Chris Naab, Sr.



  C: 734-355-3825


Jay Naab

Operations Manager


  C: 734-368-6971


Peter Thomas

Sales Manager


  C: 734-368-3680