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By August 22, 2017Windovision

Creating Relationships through the Real Estate Window.

Touchpoint Systems is proud to announce the creation of our brand new Windovision Blog! Here you will find regular updates on the latest developments with the market leader in Interactive Real Estate Window Displays across the country.

For the past century Real Estate has been one of the most dynamic and innovative industries in the country. The driving force behind this constant and accelerated change has revolved around one thing and one thing only. RELATIONSHIPS.

Real Estate is a completely unique industry. Realtors are not manufacturing products nor are they dealing with shipping logistics. They are not developing new technologies, maintaining inventory, or serving customers in their store. No. What Realtors do is different. What Realtors do is special. Realtors are selling dedication and perseverance. Realtors are maintaining trust and honesty. And most of all, they are there to support us all as we make the life changing decision of buying and selling our home. The relationship you have with your realtor is as important as any professional relationship you’ll have in your lifetime. Home buyers and sellers need to know that their Realtor is going to do everything they can to help them through the experience. They need someone who knows how to buy and sell a home with precision and expertise. Finally, they need someone who STANDS OUT. That’s where WindoVision comes in.

Since 2002, Touchpoint Systems has been helping Realtors show their talents to their clients and the community at large. Using patented technology, WindoVision has redefined “Window Shopping” for real estate. WindoVision is an interactive real estate window display that transforms a normal office window into a warm, inviting 24 hour information station for the locals that pass by each day.

Real Estate offices in downtown locations pay premium rent for a reason. The reason is they want to “Stand Out”. Over 15 years and 800 installations later, Windovision is helping them do just that.

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