Welcome Leprino Home!

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Technology Focused Realtor Brings Interactive Touchscreen to Arvada

The WindoVision at Leprino Home features a large touchscreen kiosk along with hanging LED displays

Visitors to Arvada, CO are sure to notice something new growing this Spring. With the opening of its new office in Downtown Arvada, local real estate company Leprino Home, Inc. is sending a message to local buyers and sellers that they are ready to grow.

One of Leprino’s core missions is to incorporate the latest technology into every area of the business. As many local passers-by have seen, the new office in Arvada falls right in line with that mission. The downtown office on Yukon Street comes complete with WindoVision, the latest in Interactive Window Technology. Windovision, a product of Touchpoint Systems, is a large touchscreen kiosk that allows the public to find local real estate information 24 hours a day. Alongside the touchscreen monitor are sleek LED displays that light up the office front in the evening hours. These displays feature Leprino’s hottest and most desirable listings.

A One-of-a-kind Listing Tool

“We’re very excited about our future in Arvada and are already seeing the benefits of our latest technology,” said Matthew Leprino, the firm’s Broker/Owner. “It really makes us stand out and give us something unique we can offer our sellers.”

Matthew Leprino

Richie Averill, Leprino’s Director of Operations echoed these sentiments.

“Our Windovision has helped establish us as a credible source of real estate in our new location. The system says ‘we mean business’ and provides a nod to our technology-driven business model.” Averill added.

As active inventory in the Greater Denver area continues to be tight, local realtors are seeking new ways to differentiate themselves. And Windovision does just that. The exclusive marketing program offers sellers who list with Leprino Home a marketing opportunity that can not be found at any competing office. However, it’s not only sellers seeing the benefit of Leprino’s latest technological investment.

Leprino Home’s Arvada Office is located at 5612 Yukon St. next to New Image Brewery

Arvada’s “One-Stop Real Estate Shop”

In addition to its usefulness as a listing tool, Leprino Home has taken advantage of WindoVision’s versatility to promote its business partners as well. Several local lenders, title companies, and other vendors have partnered with Leprino and added their content to the kiosk as well. Consumers can view company videos, browse sponsor websites, or view the latest company promotions. As a result, the Leprino Home interactive storefront window is quickly becoming Arvada’s “One-Stop Real Estate Shop”!







To Learn More About Leprino Home, visit their website. Or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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Welcome Buck & Associates!

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Long Time Arlington Realtor Brings Touchscreen Downtown

One of the longest-serving fixtures of downtown Arlington recently received a facelift. Buck & Associates has been serving the Greater Arlington community for more than 40 years. For most of those forty years, Buck has been operating from a Downtown office at the corner of Wilson Boulevard and Barton Street. The office, complete with its signature blue awning, has served as a place where residents and visitors alike can stop and see the latest listings posted in the window.

Delk Hamaker – COO & Principal Broker

Up until now, that’s all they could do was look. But not anymore. Buck & Associates has partnered with Touchpoint Systems to bring Windovision to Downtown Arlington. WindoVision is a state of the art touchscreen kiosk that allows passers-by to access information right through the real estate window. The complete window renovation features 12 LED illuminated displays that hang in the window, and promote Buck’s most desirable listings. This elaborate display has proven to be a very effective tool for drawing attention and stopping people that pass by. It also serves as a unique type of exposure for motivated Arlington sellers that can only be found at Buck & Associates. Once the patrons have stopped to view Buck’s featured listings, they can then access more information through a state of the art touchscreen interface. With the touch of a finger, users can view property tours, calculate mortgage payments, and view maps. Finally, if they would like to contact an agent, users can leave contact information and be instantly connected to an agent.

“We really love the way it looks,”  said Delk Hamaker, Buck’s COO &  Principal Broker “It does a great job showcasing our brand and listings”

Buck has big plans for their WindoVision system as they look forward to 2018 and beyond. On top of area listings, Windovision’s versatility gives visitors the option to access myriads of content they may be interested. Users can access a variety of videos, websites, and presentations that may help them in their home shopping experience. This system versatility is what makes Windovision and Interactive Storefront Marketing one of the hottest trends in Real Estate.

Buck & Associates is located at 2519 Wilson Blvd across from First Virgina Community Bank

“We can’t wait to see all the different things this thing can do for us!” said Hamaker.



To learn more about Buck & Associates, please visit their website or Facebook Page

To learn more about Windovison, click here



Welcome Central Florida Home Pros!

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New Orange City office features State-of-the-Art Window

There’s something new this holiday season in the Heart of Southwest Volusia. With the opening of its new interactive office, Central Florida Home Pros (CFHP) has taken the first step in establishing itself as the go-to name in Orange City Real Estate.

Peter Kurkjian & John Macfarlane Broker/Owners

The new office, which is conveniently located in the shopping center at Saxon & Enterprise features one of the hottest trends in Real Estate Marketing. In the office window, CFHP has installed WindoVision, a touchscreen kiosk that enables passers-by to search and view properties 24 hours a day. The WindoVision system is a complete storefront makeover that is sure to draw the attention of shoppers this holiday season. Hanging on each side of the kiosk, consumers will see bright columns of hanging LED displays. These illuminated displays feature CFHP’s most desirable listings. If they would like more information about a particular listing, patrons can then easily pull up more information by entering the property’s code.

CFHP partners John Macfarlane and Peter Kurkjian are very excited and eager about the possibilities for the new office.

“We really love the way it looks,” Kurkjian said.  “People are really starting to take notice”

Central Florida Home Pros is located in the Shopping Center at the corner of Saxon and Enterprise in Orange City, FL

As much as they love the ability to offer listing information, Peter and John are taking advantage of the versatility of their new storefront system. The cutting-edge technology that works through their window is able to deliver any website or video on demand. As a result, CFHP is able to partner with several other industry professionals to deliver the latest info to local home buyers. As an active member of the local chamber, Peter and John know how important it is for companies to work together to benefit the public. Prospective home buyers can get information and quotes from lenders, home inspectors, as well as several other local companies. This is sure to make Central Florida Home Pros Orange City’s one-stop-shop for all things real estate!





To Learn More about Central Florida Home Pros, visit their Website or Facebook Page

To Learn More about WindoVision, CLICK HERE


Welcome City2Shore Realty!

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Interactive Real Estate Window comes to Downtown Grand Rapids

“Restaurant Alley” on Wealthy St in Grand Rapids just got a whole lot brighter. With the opening of their new interactive office, City2Shore Real Estate is proud to showcase to one of the hottest trends in Real Estate. The new office, which opened last month, features WindoVision, an Interactive Touchscreen kiosk that turns the office window into a tablet. The touchscreen interface allows users to access information right through the real estate window. TouchPoint Systems, another Michigan based company, provided the technology and is the leading provider of Interactive Storefront Marketing technology in the US.

Shelley Frody Broker/Owner

Steve Frody Broker/Owner

“The installation really turned out well,” said Chris Naab, President of TPS. “There’s something extra special about partnering with Michigan companies”

City2Shore owners Shelley and Steve Frody are quite happy as well. The new office front is already drawing significant interest from local homebuyers. The illuminated LED displays offer some of the finest exposure to SW Michigan’s most desirable listings. It is also offering a one-of-a-kind marketing option for the area’s hottest agents. But City2Shore is not the only local business taking advantage of the Interactive Storefront.

Within 3 weeks of the office’s opening, City2Shore had several local companies sign up to show off their latest products and services as well. Among others, the WindoVision will feature the latest information for local lenders, photographers, and title companies. This combination of information is sure to make City2Shore on Wealthy Street, Grand Rapids’ one-stop shop for real estate information.

“It took a while to get open, but we couldn’t be happier with the office front,” Shelley Frody said. “Everybody is really excited.”

City2Shore was the Featured WindoVision System at this year’s NAR Conference

Due to the early success of the installation, TouchPoint Systems decided to make City2Shore their Featured Client at the recent National Assoc of Realtors Conference and Expo in Chicago. Realtors from around the world came to learn more about the new partnership. NAR Conference Live was able to catch up with Shelley on the Expo floor to discuss her recent installation.

Both companies look forward to a long and impactful presence in downtown Grand Rapids.






To Learn More about City2Shore Real Estate, visit their Website, Facebook, or Twitter pages


To Learn more about WindoVision, Click Here


Welcome Downtown Boston Realty!

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Midtown Real Estate Office Debuts Touchscreen Storefront

There’s something new this year catching the eyes of visitors to Boston Common. Downtown Boston Realty and TouchPoint Systems have teamed up to bring WindoVision Downtown! The through glass touchscreen kiosk has turned the office window into a 24-hour source for Downtown Real Estate Information.

Vilma Dassoni Broker/Owner

This comes as the latest step that Broker/Owner Vilma Dassoni has taken to make her Trenton St office into an attractive spot for buyers and sellers alike. Earlier this year, Dassoni took the initial step of installing LED displays in her window that attracted many passers-by.

“They were the best decision I ever made for my office,” Dassoni said. “People would stop all day long to look at the listings in the window”

But there was something missing for Dassoni and DBR. Although people would stop and look, that’s all they could do. With WindoVision, Downtown Boston Realty has changed all that. Window shoppers can now view tours for each listing displayed, perform searches, and even browse the company website. All of this is done with a touch of the finger right through the storefront window. Essentially, Dassoni has turned her office window into an iPad for the public to use around the clock.

Located on Tremont St, across from Boston Common, Downtown Boston Realty is an ideal location to offer the exposure seller’s desire. Capitalizing on and maximizing this exposure is one of the core benefits WindoVision offers. Dassoni has big plans for her WindoVision moving forward. She plans to utilize the versatility of the system to integrate content across the digital spectrum. They have begun uploading video and websites to give the user a full digital experience. She also plans to partner with other local companies to promote their products and services on the touchscreen as well.

Downtown Boston Realty is located on Tremont Street, directly across from Boston Common.

“This install came just in time for the busy holiday season! We really look forward to showing off our latest innovation.”









To learn more about Vilma and Downtown Boston Realty, visit their website, Facebook and Instagram Page

To learn more about WindoVision, Click Here.


Welcome Sea Town Real Estate!

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West Seattle Real Estate Company Installs Interactive Window

There’s something new shining in the Emerald City.

Sea Town Real Estate has partnered with Touchpoint Systems to bring WindoVision to Seattle! This one-of-a-kind interactive window display offers the ability for locals to shop for real estate 24 hours a day! Sea Town’s new window display comes as part of a growing trend of real estate offices turning their windows into interactive kiosks.

Christian Harris

Christian Harris, Sea-Town’s Founder and Broker/Owner is no stranger to starting something new and different. In a recent interview, Harris detailed his inspiration for starting the company and his agent driven focus moving forward. WindoVision is the latest tool that Harris has invested in to allow his agents to offer an exceptional experience to their clients. The illuminated LED displays that hang in the window feature Sea-Town’s most desirable listings. Each listing features a unique code that is entered on the touchscreen kiosk in the adjacent window. Once that code is entered, users are presented with a tour of the home and a welcoming message from Sea Town. In addition, shoppers are also able to calculate mortgage payments, perform searches, and contact an agent right from the window! As a result, Sea Town offers a level exposure that can not be matched anywhere in West Seattle. The exposure of Windovision is exclusive to Sea Town listings and is one of many benefits Sea Town enjoys from its new office tool.

Sea Town Real Estate is at the corner of SW Lander & California SW in West Seattle.

Harris, who also hosts the popular podcast “Sea Town Podcast” is excited about the potential for what WindoVision can do for his community. On his podcast, Harris interviews local business owners, giving them a platform to showcase new and exciting business ideas. The touchscreen system in Harris’ office window follows a similar mission. Local businesses that partner with Sea-town will be able to showcase their website, videos and pictures. Harris’ goal is for his window to become West Seattle’s one stop shop for all its’ Real Estate and community information needs.






Learn More:

To learn more about Sea-Town Real Estate, be sure to visit its Web Site or Facebook Page.

To learn more about WindoVision, click here, or check them out on Facebook or Twitter

    Real Estate Marketing - Interactive Window Display

    Welcome Merritt Real Estate Professionals!

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    Interactive Window comes to Wapakoneta!

    The leaves aren’t the only thing changing in Wapakoneta this Fall. Merritt Real Estate Professionals are also making quite the change themselves with the opening of a brand new downtown office!

    Ryan Place Broker/Owner

    The office, located on Willipie Street, is located near the Post Office and the popular Wapa Theater. Moviegoers are sure to notice Merritt as they pass their other major addition: WindoVision. This Interactive Real Estate Window Display allows consumers on the sidewalk to access information about local homes for sale 24 hours a day! The system features 12 LED displays alongside a large touchscreen kiosk. The kiosk features intuitive touchscreen and keyboard buttons so consumers are able to easily navigate.

    Broker/Owner Ryan Place and his team are very excited about the new office and system in the window.

    “It looks awesome.” he said “You notice it right away!”

    With WindoVision, users on the sidewalk can also calculate mortgage payments, browse Merritt’s web site and even contact an agent right away! This unique platform is the first of it’s kind in Auglaize County and exclusive to Merritt. These are a few of the many benefits to this innovative and cutting edge technology.

    Place and his team have big plans for WindoVision as they settle into their new location. In addition to using the kiosk to buy and sell homes, the also plan to promote other local businesses as well. Local business partners who work with Merritt are also able to utilize the platform to promote their products and services. They plan on integrating their partners websites, presentations and videos to make their office window Wapakoneta’s one stop shop for all its’ Real Estate needs!

    These new additions are major ways Merritt is staying true to its’ motto of being “Committed to your Family’s Success

    To learn more about Ryan and Merritt, be sure to visit their Website and Facebook Page.

    For more information about WindoVision, click here or visit their site.



    Welcome Nina Parker Realty Group!

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    Nina Parker Realty Group Installs WindoVision

    We are proud to welcome Nina Parker Realty in Apex, North Carolina to the WindoVision family!

    Nina Parker

    Nestled in the the heart of Downtown Apex, Nina Parker Realty Group offers the finest service and attention for home buyers in the Greater Raleigh/Durham area. With the addition of Windovision to her storefront, Nina and her team are now able to offer something completely unique to Apex. In addition, with her new interactive real estate window display, Nina is able to offer property information for any listing in the Apex area on demand 24 hours a day! With bright, clean displays alongside an easy-to-use touchscreen, WindoVision is sure to drive sales around the clock.

    Nina has big plans to utilize the versatile kiosk system in the window to drive business for both her and other local home service providers. She plans on putting content for local builders and other vendors on the system. Consumers will be able to search local listings, calculate mortgages, and much more!

    These shrewd additions to her office are sure to make Nina Parker Realty Apex’s one-stop shop for all of its’ Real Estate needs!

    To learn more about Nina and her office, visit her Facebook page.

    To learn more about WindoVision, click here to watch a quick video and request a Demo.


    Click Here to sign up for a DEMO!