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By January 31, 2018Installation

Long Time Arlington Realtor Brings Touchscreen Downtown

One of the longest-serving fixtures of downtown Arlington recently received a facelift. Buck & Associates has been serving the Greater Arlington community for more than 40 years. For most of those forty years, Buck has been operating from a Downtown office at the corner of Wilson Boulevard and Barton Street. The office, complete with its signature blue awning, has served as a place where residents and visitors alike can stop and see the latest listings posted in the window.

Delk Hamaker – COO & Principal Broker

Up until now, that’s all they could do was look. But not anymore. Buck & Associates has partnered with Touchpoint Systems to bring Windovision to Downtown Arlington. WindoVision is a state of the art touchscreen kiosk that allows passers-by to access information right through the real estate window. The complete window renovation features 12 LED illuminated displays that hang in the window, and promote Buck’s most desirable listings. This elaborate display has proven to be a very effective tool for drawing attention and stopping people that pass by. It also serves as a unique type of exposure for motivated Arlington sellers that can only be found at Buck & Associates. Once the patrons have stopped to view Buck’s featured listings, they can then access more information through a state of the art touchscreen interface. With the touch of a finger, users can view property tours, calculate mortgage payments, and view maps. Finally, if they would like to contact an agent, users can leave contact information and be instantly connected to an agent.

“We really love the way it looks,”  said Delk Hamaker, Buck’s COO &  Principal Broker “It does a great job showcasing our brand and listings”

Buck has big plans for their WindoVision system as they look forward to 2018 and beyond. On top of area listings, Windovision’s versatility gives visitors the option to access myriads of content they may be interested. Users can access a variety of videos, websites, and presentations that may help them in their home shopping experience. This system versatility is what makes Windovision and Interactive Storefront Marketing one of the hottest trends in Real Estate.

Buck & Associates is located at 2519 Wilson Blvd across from First Virgina Community Bank

“We can’t wait to see all the different things this thing can do for us!” said Hamaker.



To learn more about Buck & Associates, please visit their website or Facebook Page

To learn more about Windovison, click here



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